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Texas A&M University

Student Working Seminar in Groups and Dynamics

David Carroll (carroll
Krzysztof Swiecicki (ksas

The Student Working Seminar in Groups and Dynamics is an informal, student-run seminar that meets approximately once a week to discuss topics related to group theory and dynamical systems. Talks are at the graduate/postdoctoral level and can be presentations of original results, exposition of the literature, or simply open-ended conversations. If you would like to give a talk or be added to the mailing list, please email one of the organizers.

This semester (Fall 2015), the seminar will meet weekly on Mondays from 3-4 PM in Blocker 624.

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LocationSpeaker Title click for abstract
iCal 02/04
BLOC 628 Nicolas Matte Bon
ETH Zurich
An introduction to group actions on the circle be homeomorphism
iCal 03/01
BLOC 246 James O'Quinn The Ornstein-Weiss Quasitiling Theorem
iCal 03/08
BLOC 506A Krzysztof Święcicki Some remarks on FLp actions
iCal 03/22
BLOC 506A Alex Weygandt A crash course in operator K-Theory
iCal 04/05
BLOC 605AX James O'Quinn The Ornstein-Weiss Quasitower theorem and an application
iCal 04/12
BLOC 506A Amanda Hoisington Coarse embeddings under group extensions