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Advising: Schedule Appointment

The categories below should assist you schedule an appointment with the correct advisor. Some give specific information and directions to proceed.


Prereq override

There is a page for Prereq override directions

Course Force Request

Math course forces are processed via the form located at


Math major change degree plan

Email Donna Hoffman your name, UIN, DegreePlan and emphasis(if applicable)

Another major who wants to become a math major

  • What are the minimum requirements?
    • As an incoming freshman, no requirements
    • From another major at A&M, a 2.5 overall and 2.5 in applicable MATH courses
    • As a double major, 3.0 overall and 3.0 in applicable MATH courses
    • As a transfer student, see 'Non-A&M Student transfer to Math Major'
  • Make an appointment with one of following:

Non-A&M Student transfer to a math major

Math minor

To become an APMS/Math honors major

To become a double major or double degree

Make an appointment with

A student interested in pursuing a double major or double degree in the College of Science is required to seek approval from both the current major department as well as the proposed major department. The College of Science requires a petition including a degree plan to be completed and approved by both departments. To initiate this process, please contact the department which offers the proposed major or degree. Please note, the College of Science requires a 3.00 overall GPR, a 3.00 in current major as well as the proposed major, and must initiate the process before the student reaches 90 credit hours.

Undergraduate Double Majors

Both majors must lead to the same baccalaureate degree, e.g., both must lead to BA or BS, rather than one leading to a BA and one to a BS. The degree for a double major is one degree; one diploma will be issued, with both majors indicated. A student must complete the requirements for both majors before the degree can be awarded.

A student pursuing a double major must complete all university and college requirements. If both majors are in the same college, the student must complete all department/curricular requirements for each major. If one major is in one college and the other is in another college, the student must meet all requirements for each major. A list of courses required for completion of the second major must be approved by the advisor for that curriculum.

Undergraduate Second Degrees

A student pursuing a second degree will, upon completion of all requirements, receive two separate degrees, e.g., two BAs, two BSs, or a combination of either BA, BS, BBA, BLA, or BED degree.

A student pursuing a second degree must complete all university, college, and department/curricular requirements for the second degree not covered in the first.

Courses may be used to satisfy the requirements for both degrees. However, the total semester hours required must be at least 30 semester hours in addition to the greater number of hours required for either degree. At least 12 hours of 300- and 400-level course work must be completed in each field of study.

Math undergraduate research

For transfer course equivalency

Check TAMU Transfer Course Equivalency.

If the course is not listed or is listed only as transferred by title, you may contact Heather Ramsey via email with additional questions.

Make an appointment with an advisor

Undergraduate Advisors

Some of the people who are able and willing to give you a hand as you work towards your undergraduate degree in mathematics are listed below. If you have any questions or problems do not hesitate to contact any one of them.

Click on the advisor's name to make an appointment.