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Help for Math 150

If you need help for math 150, please check out the following list of resources.

Past Exams

If you want to prepare for upcoming exams, be sure to look at copies of previous years (starting in Spring 2009). Do not look at solutions till you have attempted the problems!

Weeks in Review

Links to previous weeks in review:

  • WIR [B.Aurispa Fall 2008]
  • WIR [S.Scarborough Fall 2013]
  • WIR [J.D.Kim Fall 2014]
  • WIR [S.Scarborough Fall 2015]

Math Help

If you have questions with content, take advantage of your instructor's office hours. For additional help, there is a two hour week in review and 4 hours of free help sessions.

TAMU General Help


If you enjoy streaming video presentations of math concepts, look at the following:

WebAssign Help

For links to help with WebAssign: