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MATH 308 - Differential Equations - Summer 2018

Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours.

Ordinary differential equations, solutions in series, solutions using Laplace transforms, systems of differential equations.
Prerequisites: MATH 221, MATH 251, or MATH 253, or concurrent enrollment; knowledge of computer algebra system.

Course DescriptionCourse ScheduleSuggested Homework
Calclabs for Maple V Manual


Sec Instructor Lecture
101 Glenn Emil Lahodny MTWRF 10:00-11:35am BLOC 128
201 Mariya Vorobets MTWRF 12:00-1:35pm RICH 114
202 Benjamin R Lynch MTWRF 10:00-11:35am BLOC 128
300 Constantin Onica MWF 12:00-1:25pm BLOC 128