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Sweepstakes Rules

Each School receives points based upon how well their students do in each of the different exams. Sweepstakes prizes are awarded to the schools, which accumulate the most points. The points earned by a school are as follows.

Subject Exams
  First Place, 20 points Sixth Place, 5 points
  Second Place, 15 points Seventh Place, 4 points
  Third Place, 10 points Eighth Place, 3 points
  Fourth Place, 8 points Ninth Place, 2 points
  Fifth Place, 6 points Tenth Place, 1 point

Best Student and Power Team Exams
  First Place, 30 points Sixth Place, 9 points
  Second Place, 25 points Seventh Place, 8 points
  Third Place, 20 points Eighth Place, 7 points
  Fourth Place, 15 points Ninth Place, 5 points
  Fifth Place, 10 points Tenth Place, 3 points