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Texas A&M University

Results of REU Research 2023

REU Mini-Conference, July 24-25, 2023
Schedule and Abstracts

Participants, Presentations, and Reports

  • Algebraic Methods in Mathematical Biology Mentor: Prof. Anne Shiu
    • Michaela Thompson (Fairfield University): Identifiability of Linear Compartmental Model Parameter Subsets (slides)
    • Katherine Clemens (Bryn Mawr College): Analyzing Eleven Bistable Gene Regulatory Networks for Hopf Bifurcations (slides)
    • Jonathan Martinez (U Southern California): Understanding the Properties, Operations, and Identifiability Degree of One-Input/One-Output Mammillary Models (slides)
  • Algorithmic algebraic geometry Mentor: Prof. J. Maurice Rojas
    • Faith Ellison (Southern University A&M): Computing Isotopy Types of Zero Sets of Circuit Polynomials (slides, report)
    • Cydnee Evans (Texas A&M University): Counting and Finding Real Roots of Trinomials (slides, report)
    • Vaishali Miriyagalla (Bowdoin College): Developing a New Tool for Modeling the Topology of Zero Sets of Near-Circuit Polynomials (slides, report)
  • Number theory Mentor: Prof. Matt Young
    • Georgia Corbett (Bucknell): Extremal values of newform Dedekind sums
    • Elena De Leon (Texas Woman's University) and Wade McCormick (UC Berkeley): The Image of Newform Dedekind Sums attached to Quadratic Characters
  • Probability and algebra Mentor: Prof. Jeffrey Kuan
    • Eddir Rohr (The College of New Jersey), Karthik Sellakumaran Latha (U Maryland, College Park), and Amanda Yin (UT Austin): Type D Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process Generated by an Explicit Central Element of Uq(so10) (slides, report)

Group photo (July 2023)
Whole group in 2023