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Texas A&M University

Application Information for Master's Programs

The following items are required to apply to the Graduate Program of Mathematics:
  • GraduateCAS. Applicants create an account in the applicant portal and select their program of interest. They must fill out all four quandrants of the application: Personal information, Academic History, Support Information and Program materials. Applicants can access a Help Center for guidance on completing the application and submitting it. Applicants can also track the status of their application in GraduateCAS under the Check Status link at the top of their application dashboard. Peak application period is December-March, so applicants are strongly encouraged to make note of our departmental deadlines and apply early.
  • Official transcripts and degree statements from every senior-level institution of higher education attended (transcripts from community colleges are not required). For review purposes, you may upload unofficial copies of your transcripts into the GraduateCAS system. If your Social Security Number is printed on the transcript, you must black it out prior to uploading.
    • For international applicants: transcripts must be in native language of the institution and also include an official English translation
  • General GRE scores taken within 5 years of the date your application is received. (Exceptions to the GRE general test requirement are decided on a case by case basis by the associate head of graduate programs.) The scores must be reported directly from ETS. Our institution code is 6003. A departmental code is not needed.
  • If native language is not English: TOEFL iBT or TOEFL Essentials(MyBest TOEFL scores are not accepted), IELTS (in person test only, the online IELTS Indicator test is not accepted) scores taken within the last 2 years of the date application was received. They must be directly reported from their respective testing centers. Our institution code is 6003; the departmental code is not necessary. To be eligible for admittance consideration, our university requires international students must have achieved at least the following minimum scores on the indicated tests (unless they qualify for a waiver): TOEFL iBT: 80 OR TOEFL Essentials: 8.5 OR IELTS: 6.0. Texas A&M will only waive the TOEFL/IELTS if the student scores at least 146 on the verbal portion of the general GRE OR if the student has completed a bachelor's degree with all years of attendance at a US institution (having just an MS from a U.S. institution is not sufficient).
  • 3 letters of recommendation. These letters must be submitted by the recommenders themselves. They can not be completed or submitted by the applicant. Within GraduateCAS, in the Recommendations section, applicants click Create Recommendation Request then enter their recommenders information, the date the letter is needed by and click save to submit. The system will send the recommenders the recommendation request with information on how to submit their letters electronically to GraduateCAS. Additional details on this process can be found at Help Center for Texas A&M Program Materials. Recommendations should come from individuals who can attest to the applicant's mathematical abilities.
  • Application fee: $89.00 for U.S. applicants, $114.00 for international applicants. The application fee is non-refundable.


The GraduateCAS application, personal statement, resume, transcripts, test scores and letters of recommendation must be submitted through the GraduateCAS system (applicants should contact the main Admissions Office directly if they have questions or concerns about any of these items). Applicants should be sure to read through these Application FAQs . Also, due to the high volume of applications made to our program, it is not possible for our department to do spot checks for receipt of items upon request. For receipt of the GraduateCAS application, official transcripts, letters of recommendation, and test scores, applicants should use the Check Status Link at the tope of their application dashboard within GraduateCAS to track their application. If our Graduate Committee has questions as they begin their review of files, we will e-mail students at that point.


Full consideration will be given to applications received by the Departmental Application Deadlines (These take precedence over any deadlines posted at the GraduateCAS Site. Late applications may be accepted but the candidates should contact before starting). Note that different deadlines are listed for domestic and international students to account for visa processing time.

Domestic StudentsInternational Students
Fall (Sept.-Dec.)
July 1 May 15
Spring (Jan.-May) Dec. 1 Sept. 15
Summer (June-Aug.)